Friday, December 24, 2010

United States Post Office

1931-1933 neo-classical art deco Post Office and Federal Building designed by Malmfeldt, Adams and Prentice on High Street. The frieze above the pilasters and windows on both sides of low relief figures on horseback transferring a message bears the inscription:

Across unbounded reaches of the sky
Over long trails upon the land
By lakes by rivers and the trackless sea

In tempest and in calm by day and night
We speed at your command and bear
The tidings and the treasures of mankind.

The interior of the building had some unusual features such as secret passages and lookouts for postal inspectors to monitor staff. These features were removed in a 1980's renovation.

No longer a post office and now known as the Cotter Federal Building, it houses such agencies as the IRS.

Located adjacent to the rail line, the post office had a large rear delivery bay, now fenced in and used as a child containment facility.

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