Friday, December 24, 2010

United States Post Office

1931-1933 neo-classical art deco Post Office and Federal Building designed by Malmfeldt, Adams and Prentice on High Street. The frieze above the pilasters and windows on both sides of low relief figures on horseback transferring a message bears the inscription:

Across unbounded reaches of the sky
Over long trails upon the land
By lakes by rivers and the trackless sea

In tempest and in calm by day and night
We speed at your command and bear
The tidings and the treasures of mankind.

The interior of the building had some unusual features such as secret passages and lookouts for postal inspectors to monitor staff. These features were removed in a 1980's renovation.

No longer a post office and now known as the Cotter Federal Building, it houses such agencies as the IRS.

Located adjacent to the rail line, the post office had a large rear delivery bay, now fenced in and used as a child containment facility.

Broad Street Bullyz

Broad Street Bullyz Who Run Shit Succa.

Broad St. near Madison.

Elmer's Barber Shop

Elmer was a Quebecer who ran Elmer's Barber Shop for decades until he sold the shop and retired around 1998. The place is now called "La Rey" yet Elmer's name keeps ghosting through on the alley wall.

Park Street.

Santa is Real

Constitution Plaza

Sunday, December 19, 2010


All Hydrogenated Nu-Bake Shortening All Vegetable. Cudahy Packing Co.

Maple Avenue side of the M.B. Sholes Bldg..

Statue in Wisconsin of Patrick Cudahy who founded Cudahy Packing in Maine in 1915.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Poles Syrup

Garden Street.

Obituary of Poles, Seymour N.:

October 2, 2007
POLES, Seymour N. Seymour N. Poles, 86, of Magnolia Hill, West Hartford died Sunday (September 30, 2007) at Hartford Hospital. Born in New Rochelle, NY, he was the son of the late Isaac and Bertha (Trachtenberg) Poles. Seymour served in the Merchant Marines during World War II. After the War, he returned to Hartford and co-founded with his father, Poles Syrup. Under Seymour, the business expanded and became Poles Syrup & Paper Supply Co. He owned and operated the business until he retired in the mid 1980s.

Please Do Not Disturb

Summit Street

Ghosting on Wethersfield Ave.

Unintelligible on Wethersfield Ave

Room (For Rent)

Another sign from the maker of the I-Me Leasing sign. This time on Capitol Avenue.

Room (For Rent)

Rell Smells

Dot Com.
Capitol Avenue


Park Street.

The Soldiers and Sailors

Frieze on the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch, built to commemorate the 4,000 Hartford men who fought and the 400 Hartford men who died in the Civil War. The central allegorical female is a representation of Hartford, surrounded by her citizens, welcoming her warriors home from the war. Note the caduceus, laurel wreaths and Hartford's sword and shield with the hart iconography.

The exceptional center shield designed by the Boston Terra Cotta Company, again with a hart, the sun, and the motto Post Nubila Pheobus.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Capitol Avenue.

Alfred E. Burr School

Splendid, colorful Hartford Arms adorn the front of the school with the motto Post Nubila Pheobus.

Alfred E. Burr School. Wethersfield Avenue.

The man himself.

Signs of Agiculture

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tag Sale

Best Pinchos in Town

Fairfirld, Hartford

Plant for Sale

North End.

Latin Signs

Ecclesia Sancti Justini. Blue Hills Avenue.

Fugazy International Travel

Window sticker remnants of a 1980's downtown travel agency.

Columbus Boulevard.

Do Not Urinate

Do Not Urinate on These Premises. Violators Will Be Prosecuted.

Woodland Street.

Bacon Bottling Company

Est. 1851, Bacon Bottling Co.

Below an image of one of Bacon's products, Bacon's Brand Root Beer.

Morris Street.