Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hotel Avon


The Beacon Light and Supply Co., Walnut Street.

Queer Resource

Queer Resource Center. 114 Crescent Street

Monday, March 29, 2010

Solomon Building

The art deco Solomon Building on Park Street. Was at one time a Woolworth's on the ground floor with two floors of bowling alleys above. Directly across the street from the now mostly demolished Lyric Theatre.

Beaches Closed

Bartholomew Avenue.

South End Athletic Club, Inc.

Bushnell Street.

Gray Smokestack

The Gray Telephone Pay Station Company. (check out their 1912 catalogue here.) The name was changed to the Gray Manufacturing Company on February 19, 1939. The company eventually went bankrupt on September 14, 1976. The Gray Manufacturing Company made the Audograph (a dictation machine) after World War II. It recorded on thin vinyl discs. One interesting technical feature of the Audograph was its ability to vary the disc's rotational speed continuously, depending on the location of the recording/playback stylus. By spinning the disc faster when the stylus was in the outer grooves, the machine allegedly made better recordings. A Gray Audograph played in important part in the investigation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. On the day of the assassination the Dallas Police Department (DPD) operated two radio channels. Channel I was for normal police radio traffic and channel II was assigned for the use of the presidential motorcade. Each channel was recorded by a different device. Channel I was recorded on a Dictabelt and channel II on a Gray Audograph. Both machines worked by engraving a track into a plastic medium. The Dictabelt used a rotating cylinder and the Audograph used a flat disk, similar to a phonograph record. Both machines were transmission actuated. The recordings were poured over for years, but never served to provide any additional information to identify the number of shots fired that fateful day.

Arbor Street.

Leak Teakes

Leak Teakes Royal Variety Store. Hot Dogs - Hot Sausage - Billiards - Cold Soda - Video Games.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Herbert Star TV

Bartholomew Avenue at Park Street. On Rite Side.

In Memory

In memory of the men of Connecticut who suffered in Southern military prisons 1861-1865

Out In

Hoadley Place.

Fore Lease

Marshall F. Davenson

Modeling and Plastering. Maple Avenue.

Perfeshion Barbers

This salon has perfeshion barbers. Maple Avenue.

Store Accept Food Stamp

Store Accept Food Stamp. Store Sell Phone Card. Maple Avenue.


Metal sign pointing to a no-longer-existing Veterans of Foreign Wars hall on Maple Avenue.

Fairfield Park

20's era housing development column on Maple Avenue and West Preston Street.

The Trinity

Crescent Street


Washington Street


Washington Street

Polish National Home

Charter Oak Avenue

Atlantic Screw Works

Nicola Motto Block

Nicola Motto was a successful fruit and confectionary dealer. Proud of the symbol of his prosperity, Motto placed his name in large letters at the top of the building, naming it the Nicola Motto Block. The style is Renaissance Revival in the Flat Iron shape. The Block featured multiple store fronts and was architecturally significant for the curved glass windows in the wood paneled apex facing Barnard Park / South Green.

Beginning in 1893, living and working in the building, Motto ran his "Motto Fruits" business until his death in 1899 or 1900. His sons, John and Joseph, who were clerks in the business, continued to live in the building with their mother, Rose. With John remaining as clerk, Joseph took over the business, operating as "Joseph Motto Fruits" on Maple Avenue

Pull Your Pants Up!

Its an epidemic.

Hartford Cares

Hartford Cares. Buckle Up. Hartford Safety Belt Program. Capitol Avenue.


Hartford Office Supply Receiving. Capitol Avenue

Murk Brush Co.

Capitol Avenue

La Biblioteca

The Lyric Theatre

Gets knocked down today.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Walton Auto

Nelson Street.