Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mega Foods

Mega Foods with the Spires of the Chapel at Trinity College in the background.

mega /m'eɡə Young people sometimes use mega in front of nouns in order to emphasize that the thing they are talking about is very good, very large, or very impressive. ADJ ADJ n informalemphasis
  • ...her newly acquired mega salary.
  • ...the mega superstar Madonna.

Mega Foods apparently sold very good foods, very large foods of very impressive foods.

Before the coming of the very large foods, there was Finast, Finast was a retail supermarket brand in the northeastern United States until being absorbed by Edwards and its Dutch parent Royal Ahold in the mid-1990s. Its name was an acronym for "First National Stores Inc." Even after the store name was shortened, many still referred to the store as "The First National".

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