Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Hartford Civic Center

The Hartford Civic Center. Park-ride shuttle.

The Hartford Civic Center, now known as the Extra Large Center, is a sports and convention complex owned by the City of Hartford. The Civic Center opened in 1975.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Good Saint Anne Pray for Us

"Bonne Sainte Anne priez pour nous." On the Church of St. Anne, Park Street. One of the last signs of the once prominent Quebecois community of the Frog Hollow neighborhood.

Fallout Shelter

One of the many remaining Hartford fallout shelter signs pointing towards a (presumably) defunct fallout shelter in a public building. The National Fallout Shelter Program was started by President Kennedy in 1961. The fallout shelters were usually equipped with a large amount of emergency food, medical supplies, radio, etc. This sign at the Washington St. School has a circle within the trefoil symbol indicating the capacity of the shelter.Many of these designated fallout shelters still have antique emergency supplies in place.

Washington Street School

The massive building on Washington Street, the Washington St. School, later known as the M.D. Fox School, now know as M.D. Fox Housing or M.D. Fox Manor. Michael Davis Fox was a teacher at the Burr St. School and later was the Superintendent of the Washington School District.

1918. Washington St School

Separate doors and signs for different student groups: Kindergarten Department,


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just a (1970's) Reminder

Through these doors pass Important People doing Important Work. On Washington Street

Mega Foods

Mega Foods with the Spires of the Chapel at Trinity College in the background.

mega /m'eɡə Young people sometimes use mega in front of nouns in order to emphasize that the thing they are talking about is very good, very large, or very impressive. ADJ ADJ n informalemphasis
  • ...her newly acquired mega salary.
  • ...the mega superstar Madonna.

Mega Foods apparently sold very good foods, very large foods of very impressive foods.

Before the coming of the very large foods, there was Finast, Finast was a retail supermarket brand in the northeastern United States until being absorbed by Edwards and its Dutch parent Royal Ahold in the mid-1990s. Its name was an acronym for "First National Stores Inc." Even after the store name was shortened, many still referred to the store as "The First National".
The Progress. Seymour Street.

Bean Pot Restsaurant

Bean Pot Restaurant. Cold Beer. Park Street.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

455 Homestead Avenue Signs

A number of signs on this handsome Homestead Avenue yellow brick factory building that is in the process of being demolished for unknown reasons.

Hudson Laundry Service, Linen Supply and the oldest one-time neon sign toward the bottom "& Routes".

"C-D Graphics"

"House of Antiques (860)278-8401" painted over the ghosting "Artist Alternative" sign.

Number sign above front door, soon to be rubble.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do Not Talk to Machine(s)

Taken by El Prez from Remove Sun Glasses at Tunnel
Austin Organs on Woodland St.

Put a shirt on.

Signs indicating bare chests are an issue. Park Street.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Television Direct from New York. Park Street.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pratt Street

Caution. When alarm bell sounds oil tank filled to capacity. Do not overfill.

Sage Allen Clock

A testament to to the people of Hartford for preserving the sign, knocked down in a windstorm, advertising a department store that no longer exists. The Sage-Allen clock stands on Main Street.

Some Hartford Hospital Signs

Hall-Wilson Laboratory

Keep inside of chimney clean. Custodis Construction Co., Inc.

Interesting column with "HH" device and caduceus.

Hartford Hospital Engineering Dept. and Laundry

Utility Electric Service

Great neon electric bolt on Main Street

Pillsbury Ghost Sign

Maple Avenue.

The Labor Temple

Park Street