Monday, January 25, 2010


Pratt Street

Stackpole Plaque

Found on Pratt Street

Brown Thomson & Co.

The Cheney Building was constructed 1875-1876 for the Cheney Brothers silk manufacturers in Manchester, Connecticut. It was originally a multipurpose structure with five small shops on the ground floor, and offices and apartments above. For many years it housed Brown Thomson's department store, and later the G. Fox and Company. As of 2007 it has been renamed the Richardson Building, and is now a residence hotel, offices, stores, restaurants, and rehearsal space for The Hartford Stage Company.

The above leaded glass window and two metal signs remain from the Brown Thomson & Co. Department store on the corner of Main and Temple Streets.

The Last Outpost

Carter's Southwest Mercantile. The Last Outpost. Oliver Street.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Fulfillment of a Promise.

"This shrine is the fulfillment of a promise made to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Blessed Virgin by Concetta Perruccio. Dedicated June 20, 1954"

Maple Avenue.

Hartford Electric Light Company Maple Avenue Sub Station

On the 1926 Classical Revival Maple Ave. building occupied by Pintore Catering.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cathedral Lyceum

In 1896 the Cathedral Lyceum was opened to further the moral, intellectual and physical development for an organized fraternity of Catholic young men. It housed a large library, a well-furnished reading room, auditorium and gymnasium. Classes were given in drafting, drawing and vocal music. John Dwyer, a prominent contemporary Hartford architect, conceived the building by using ancient Greek and Roman styles. The Lyceum has a colorful history. In 1920 the building was sold to the Hartford Box Co. In 1940 it became the home of a Lithuanian-American Club. In later years, it was the home of a punk rock dance club, a roller skating business, a hot air balloon maker, an advertising agency, the Connecticut Commission on the Arts and Hartford Area Rally Together (HART).

Lawrence Street.


TARCO Mechanical Contractors, Mechanical Products, Mechanical Services. On Capitol Avenue.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Futuramik Industries

Futuramik, established in 1958, is a custom molder of thermoset and thermoplastic materials.They have a great futuristic Atomic era sign on Hamilton Street.

Vintage Park Street Sign

Hanging on the wall inside City Sign is this antique Park St. sign.

Danger Keep Off

A weathered wooden sign in the woods near the precipice like west side of Pope Park. A sharp drop off leads to the Park River and a hobo-village of assorted shanties.


Colonel Pope was manufacturing a quarter of a million bicycles a year in Hartford at the height of the bicycle craze. In a brilliant stroke he formed the "American Wheelmen" in order to petition governments for bicycle friendly road improvements.

This new sign, found at two entrances to Pope Park play on Pope's enthusiasm for bicycles by displaying a Columbia highwheeler like the ones Pope made in the late 1870's.

Colonel Pope Fountain

The 73 acre Olmstead designed Pope Park was given to the city by its greatest industrialist Colonel Albert Pope in the 1890's. The Colonel was also the city's largest employer and the land was well used as the central place of recreation for thousands of workers who lived in the immediate area. Pope's factories pumped out America's first manufactured bicycles as well as automobiles both gas and electric.

Though Hartford's well know literary figures such as Twain and Stowe have large public historical centers flocked to by millions from around the globe, Colonel Pope has this one public commemoration: a 15 foot obelisk fountain, sculpted of granite.

The fountain mechanism has clearly not been used in years. The basin has been turned into a planter which also has not been planted in in years.

Rear view shows water effect and spouting fish.

The rear of the obelisk shows the inscription "Erected by Friends," which included the lawyer Charles Gross and Architect George Keller.

Although millions have been spent in the past few years on improving Pope Park including a new parking lot, gate and playscape, Colonel Pope's monument sits in woeful neglect.