Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sidewalk Signs

Andrew N. Dall - Maker on Capital Ave. The Hartford Paving Construction Company and the Gandee Stone Co. both of Hartford. Fairfield Avenue.

Gallup Memorial Gateway

A famous Hartford sign on Fairfield Avenue, designed by George Keller. Two columns on both sides of the main gate both proclaiming the name Cedar Hill Cemetery. In the foreground of this masterpiece are some stakes with neon tape. 

I am praying that this is not the site of a future "sign" that would simply be superfluous to the majestic sign directly behind it and would be another example of so many noble buildings who already have signs create a special one directed towards passing motor cars instead of directing the eyes toward the entrance or building itself. 

White Ghost Sign

Chimney of the former White Motor Company on Maple Avenue. Now home of First and Last Bakery-Cafe.

Enjoy Red Rock Cola

A sign on Capital Avenue, Enjoy Red Rock Cola. Red Rock Cola, founded in 1885 and famously endorsed by the baseball player Babe Ruth is still made today and can be purchased online.


The Broad Street Door of the Lyric Theater has this sign above the door which reads "Fido's". Anyone remember what was "Fido's"? 

Frog Hollow Mini-Shopping Center

Two nice "frog" signs at the Frog Hollow Mini-Shopping Center on Broad Street.