Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Isolation Hospital"

City of Hartford Isolation Hospital sign. Coventry Street.

Austin Organs

One of the worlds great organ manufacturers, still in business. This sign is viewable from Homestead Avenue across the railroad tracks. Read more about Austin Organs on Wikipedia.

Robinson Pest Control.

Robinson Pest Control on Homestead Avenue. Drive Safely Leave the Killing to Us.

Homestead Ghosting

On Homestead Avenue, This was two or three signs painted over. Looks like "Earl Sheib" something something in the yellow and a Chrysler Plymouth dealer in the blue. Anyone remember what these businesses were? Later I believe the building and lot were something called Harconn.

Stanley P. Rockwell Co.

The Stanley P. Rockwell Company on Homestead Avenue. Stanley P. Rockwell, a metallurgist, invented the "Rockwell Number" method used by knifemakers to grade the hardness of the steel in their blades.

The American Steel Manufacturing Company, also on Homestead Avenue closed its doors this year.

Woodland Street

2 painted signs on the recently shuttered Woodland Moving & Storage building on Woodland St Near Albany Avenue. The third picture is a ghost sign on a building next door that I could not interpret. Anyone know what it says?

Near Babcock and Russ. Very large handpainted sign on (what looks like) and abandoned American Legion Hall.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Polish Legion Sign

Polish Legion of American Veterans Post 51 sign on Park Street.

Post 51 still exists but they have abandoned their Park Street hall.

DiMauro's Market Sign

Hand painted sign of Joe's Market/DiMauro's Market on Franklin Avenue. Wholesale choice meats cut to order.

Summit Street Skull

A skull and crossbones leers at passers-by above a window on a Summit Street fraternity house.

R.C. Cola Sign

Franklin Avenue Drink Royal Crown Cola sign.

Maple Avenue Ghost Sign

Several brands ghosting through on this Maple Avenue Sign. Pepsi Cola, Adams Gum, Country Club Ginger Ale...any more?

E.B. Kennelly School Sign

A quote from Longfellow on the White Street School.

James W. Lynch Pharmacy Sign

Park Street painted pharmacy sign.

Piedmont Cigarettes Sign

Piedmont Cigarettes, a Liggett and Meyer's brand, the "All Virginia Cigarette," packs of 10 fo 5 cents. Located on Park Street.