Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tobacco Free Zone

St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center has spray-painted all of the granite curbs surrounding their buildings and written "Tobacco-Free Zone" on them. Presumably you are no longer allowed to smoke on the sidewalk. I wonder if everybody in Hartford is allowed to paint their curb bright colors with messages?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And Pull Your Pants Up

Zion Street

Saturday, November 7, 2009

M.S. Little Mfg. Co.

Sign on the M.S. Little Mfg. Co. building on New Park Avenue ca. 1917. M.S. Little was made gun magazines during WWI  and II

No Fishing, No Skating

One sign that spins around depending on the season. At Cedar Hill Cemetery on Fairfield Avenue.

Some signs at the former Lasalette Seminary

“If my people do not submit, I shall be forced to let go the hand of my Son.  It is so strong and heavy, that I can no longer withhold it.

A "Don't Even Think of Parking Here" sign like those introduced by Mayor Koch to New York in 1982.

Gamewell Fire Alarm Station

At the LaSalette Seminary on New Park Avenue.

Twin Signs on Broad Street

Two painted signs on opposite sides of this Broad Street apartment building advertising Leverant and Wiseman Furniture at 14 Morgan Street. The business was owned by Samuel Wiseman and Louis Leverant and in 1919 was known as Leverant, Wiseman and Katzman after Solomon Katzman joined the business.

Welcome to Blue Hills

Mounted on a post at the center of the median of the Westbourne Parkway at the corner of Blue Hills Avenue. Made of metal, a badly faded hand painted sign.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mysterious Signs on Main Street

Near the Arrowhead Cafe. Submitted by Brendan.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

H&L Package Store. Drink Coca Cola.

On Zion Street. H&L stands for the first name of the couple who were the one-time owners "Hyman and Lily." The current owner has had many offers from parties interested in purchasing the signs but he refuses insisting they are "a part of the history of the place."

For the Use of Women and Children

Porter Memorial Park sign on Wyllys St.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

<- Office

A sign pointing the way to the office circa 1888. At Cedar Hill Cemetery on Fairfield Avenue.

Trinity Barber Shop

Trinity Barber Shop sign on Zion Street. Has been vacant (along with the rest of the building) since Trinity College bought the building about 15 years ago. The ground floor also contains an empty cafe/restaurant and former art gallery.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Club Peru

Club Peru of Connecticut, Inc. Francis Avenue.

Billy's Package Store

A remarkable treasure of a neon sign on New Park Avenue, complete with sparkling cocktail glass. We will add some photos of it illuminated in the future.

Moorish Science Temple of America

The Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. presents its Weekly Meetings Friday 7:30 to 10:PM Sunday 1 to 3 pm Prophet Noble Ali Drew Founder

"Just Say No to Drugs" Lane

Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No to Drugs" gets its own street sign off Vine Street.

Children Keep Away

Unusual sign on the front of a New Park Avenue apartment building. "All delivering and moving at rear end. Children keep away."

Our Lady of Sorrows Pray For Us

Our Lady of Sorrows Church on New Park Avenue. They have added a new marble sign on the front lawn as was the fashion in the 80's but the original sign (now slightly obscured by 1970's safety lights) reads as a prayer: "Our Lady of Sorrows Pray for Us." The cornerstone, with similar gothic text reads Anno Domini 1923

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sidewalk Signs

Andrew N. Dall - Maker on Capital Ave. The Hartford Paving Construction Company and the Gandee Stone Co. both of Hartford. Fairfield Avenue.

Gallup Memorial Gateway

A famous Hartford sign on Fairfield Avenue, designed by George Keller. Two columns on both sides of the main gate both proclaiming the name Cedar Hill Cemetery. In the foreground of this masterpiece are some stakes with neon tape. 

I am praying that this is not the site of a future "sign" that would simply be superfluous to the majestic sign directly behind it and would be another example of so many noble buildings who already have signs create a special one directed towards passing motor cars instead of directing the eyes toward the entrance or building itself. 

White Ghost Sign

Chimney of the former White Motor Company on Maple Avenue. Now home of First and Last Bakery-Cafe.

Enjoy Red Rock Cola

A sign on Capital Avenue, Enjoy Red Rock Cola. Red Rock Cola, founded in 1885 and famously endorsed by the baseball player Babe Ruth is still made today and can be purchased online.


The Broad Street Door of the Lyric Theater has this sign above the door which reads "Fido's". Anyone remember what was "Fido's"? 

Frog Hollow Mini-Shopping Center

Two nice "frog" signs at the Frog Hollow Mini-Shopping Center on Broad Street.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Isolation Hospital"

City of Hartford Isolation Hospital sign. Coventry Street.

Austin Organs

One of the worlds great organ manufacturers, still in business. This sign is viewable from Homestead Avenue across the railroad tracks. Read more about Austin Organs on Wikipedia.